Well Pump Installation in Cedar City, UT

The experience of Grimshaw Drilling allows us to perform a variety of pump services for our customers. From new well pump installations and well pump replacement in Utah, to testing, repairs and general maintenance, we do it all. Trust us to leave you with a well pump that works reliably.

Well Pump Maintenance

  • Pump installs: We perform full well pump installations, including submersibles and jet pumps. Let us ensure you’re getting the reliable water pressure you need. Our installations handle everything, from pump procurement to wiring, testing and beyond.
  • Pump maintenance: Routine well pump maintenance is critical. Having your flow rates checked, electrical inspected (amp load, grounding, line voltage), and equipment cleaned makes a huge difference in its long-term function.
  • Pump repairs: Problems maintaining power to your well pump? Low water pressure? These issues and more are fixed by our well-trained experts. We’ll thoroughly evaluate your pump and its function, remediating issues keeping it from running effectively.
  • Test pumping: We offer test pumping as a way to gauge the effectiveness and consistency of your well pump. We’ll determine the baseline flow rate for your pump, so you know what to expect when it comes to daily usage and utilization.
  • Pump system replacement: Have an old, inefficient pump that’s reaching the end of its life? We can provide you with a quality well pump replacement in Utah—one that’s efficient, reliable and worth the investment.

Leave your well pump needs to Grimshaw Drilling! From well pump installations, well pump maintenance and repair to testing and retrofits, we’ll leave you with a well that functions reliably. Our expertise as well contractors gives us the insight necessary to service your well pump, regardless of the make or model.

For more information about the well pump services, well digging, and excavation services we provide throughout Cedar City, St. George, Hurricane, and Salt Lake City, UT or to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable team, contact us today at 435-586-2332.